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Your business is everything, and it deserves the best internet, phone service, and TV available. Whether you’re a crew of two or have multiple locations and hundreds of employees, Pella Fiber is ready to set you up with the best connections in Pella.

Contact Pella Fiber today and experience the fastest, most reliable connections available in Pella, 24/7 live support, and the personal touch that makes doing business a pleasure.


Getting your home or business fiber ready adds value to your property. Rest assured, signing up for a fiber line installation does not cost you anything, or commit you to getting services from Pella Fiber, now or in the future. But it does give you the option of choosing Pella Fiber’s powerfully fast and reliable services—with free activation—down the road. It’s simple to get started!***


When Pella businesses thrive, the whole community benefits, so your internet connection should never slow you down. With Pella Fiber, your upload speed is as fast the download, so you’ll never lag in a video call again!

Our all-fiber network is built on industry-leading technology. And since fiber optic cable doesn’t break down over time like copper – the standard for cable – you’re far less likely to have your service impacted by weather or electrical interference.



1 Gigabit download AND upload

Crazy-fast connections for larger teams and the most demanding applications. You’ll never look back.

Growth Plan

300 Mbps download AND upload

When it’s time to grow, we have the perfect upgrade. Supports telecommuting, streaming, and robust applications.

Business Essentials

150 Mbps download AND upload

Everything your small business needs for daily operations. Supports telecommuting and standard applications.

Applicable state and local taxes will be applied.


Simple. Affordable. Full featured. Our business phone service is reliable, robust, and comes with unlimited calling features like call forwarding, three-way calling, voicemail, call screening, and many more. See the complete list HERE.

Looking for instructions on how to use your Pella Fiber Voice services? Visit the Voice section on the Resources page. 

Business Local


Place all the local calls you need and talk as long as you want for one low price.

Business Long Distance


Add to your local service for unlimited calls placed within the contiguous United States.

Applicable state and local taxes will be applied, including mandatory $1/mo. E911 fee.


From standard packages for traditional businesses to those that cover sports licensing and other fees for hospitality purveyors, Pella Fiber has a plan to meet your needs. Every business is unique. Call us today at 641-628-4173 and Press 3 to find a plan that’s a perfect fit for you!