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Frequently Asked Questions


How fast will Pella Fiber’s internet service be?

Businesses can choose from three packages, each with its own upload and download speed. The Business 1 Gig plan offers access to whole gigabit of speed.

All residential customers have access to 1 gigabit in upload and download speed. Watch the video below to see how Pella Fiber’s speed compares to the competition!

Speed can be limited by your devices and by the connection type – wireless or wired.

I can’t wait! When will I be able to hook up to Pella Fiber?

In areas where network construction is complete, the testing phase has begun. Services will be available to those areas in late summer. Of course, this timeline is subject to a number of factors, including weather. As each service area becomes available, Pella Fiber team members will reach out to see what services will meet your needs. We’re excited too and we appreciate your patience!

Will there be data limits on Pella Fiber internet service?

No! Pella Fiber internet will include UNLIMITED data. You’ll have plenty of bandwidth for all your surfing and video streaming needs, and you’ll never have to worry about overages.

As a renter, do I need my landlord to sign up for a site survey?

Yes, your landlord is responsible for bringing fiber to the building. As the tenant, you are responsible for signing up for individual services. We think landlords will be happy to let us bring fiber to their tenants so they can make the switch to Pella Fiber.

What happens during a site survey?

A technician visits your home or business to prepare for a service line to be run to your location. Outside, the technician determines the connection point on the building and the best path for the fiber to be run to avoid obstacles on your property (trees, underground pet fences, etc.). Inside, they find the best location for the fiber interface devices and wireless router. They also determine what wiring your home or business needs. Because the technician needs access to your home or business, we need someone over the age of 18 to be there during the appointment. If you’ve pre-registered already, contact Customer Service to schedule your Site Survey appointment.

Will Pella Fiber service be reliable?

Pella Fiber is being built from the ground up to be the most reliable network in Pella. Because it’s brand new and uses fiber optics, Pella Fiber will be highly reliable for internet, cable TV, and telephone service.

I am planning to get service from Pella Fiber. How long should I continue my existing service?

While construction progress will depend on weather and other factors, we hope to begin hooking up customers in the spring of 2021. You should not disconnect service from your present provider until an appointment has been scheduled to switch to Pella Fiber.

I have been offered a deal from my existing provider. Should I sign a new contract?

If you are planning to become part of Pella’s homegrown service, we encourage you to avoid signing any new agreements. We are confident you’ll want to switch to Pella Fiber as soon as service is available.

Will there be a contract for service?

No, Pella Fiber will not require a contract for service. We want to earn your business every month! You are free to switch providers whenever you want, with no early termination fees.

I have satellite TV. Can I keep it and still get internet service from Pella Fiber?

Yes. While Pella Fiber will offer a competitive package of cable TV services, including DVR, we understand some customers may want to continue with their satellite-based provider. Each of our services are offered on a standalone basis, so you don’t have to enroll in services you don’t want.

Can I use my own wireless router?

Pella Fiber’s home gateway with Wi-Fi is included in the cost of your internet package, but you will be able to use your own router if you choose. The technician helps you set up the system at the time of installation. Keep in mind that if you use your own router, Pella Fiber can’t offer remote support like we could with our gateway.